Warranty - Sonny's Diamonds


Sonny’s Lifetime Warranty

At Sonny’s Diamonds, every piece of jewelry we sell is manufactured under the highest standards and is carefully inspected prior to shipment. Most of our products require minimal maintenance except for general cleaning or a periodic prong check.

We stand behind every product we sell which is why we offer a lifetime warranty with every purchase. If there is ever a problem with your ring, you can bring it or mail it to our store for inspection. In addition, our Warranty Policy provides extra peace of mind by offering:

· Warranty on a Sonny’s Diamonds purchase covers defects in craftsmanship or materials

· Lifetime diamond replacement up to 1/20 ct. (.05ct)

· Lifetime free annual rhodium plating

· 5 year prong and metal warranty

· Free lifetime stone tightening with adequate prongs. After 5 years prong re-tip charges apply.

· Free lifetime annual sizing with normal wear (excludes eternity and complicated sizing) (+/- 1 size). Designer setting will be sized by the designer (up to 5 weeks)

· Free lifetime cleaning/polishing and inspections

· Free head and set with purchase of engagement setting and loose diamond

· Lifetime diamond upgrade

· One free joining solder with purchase of a ladies engagement ring and ladies wedding band

· One-year warranty on all pre-owned watches

· One-year warranty on jewelry repair.

*Sonny’s Diamonds reserves the right to change policies.

Please note, the center diamond in any engagement ring is not included in our engagement ring warranty. Even though diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, it is still possible to break or chip a diamond if struck with enough force at the right angle. We recommend all our customers take an insurance policy on their ring which covers loss/breakage to the center diamond, as well as loss or theft of the ring as a whole.

For any further information or to take advantage of your lifetime warranty on a ring please contact us at sonny@sonnysdiamonds.com or 937.705.6969.